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Raised in Columbia South Carolina, Mr. Hameen Shabazz is a multiple degree holder in the Social Services field. Hameen has experienced major traumatic events in his life and those events lead him to a life of drugs and violence. Consequently, Mr.  Shabazz was convicted on a number of charges including trafficking crack cocaine and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. While in prison, Hameen learned to read and was introduced to African and African American history and read every piece of material that he could get into his possession. Hameen was especially partial to Black history, psychology, sociology and self help books. Upon his release, Mr. Shabazz was homeless and uncertain of his future. However, one thing that he was certain of was not going back to prison. Mr. Shabazz worked diligently to better his circumstances by working odd jobs , securing a stable place to live, and going to college.  He also knew that it was his obligation to help others to achieve their goals. On June 9th 2011, along with other concerned citizens, Project NAS was born.​ Hameen is now a Human Services practitioner , motivational speaker, life coach, community advocate, professor and the peoples champion.

Hameen Shabazz, PhD-s, MSHS

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